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Savas Beatie is proud to announce
its new Classic Reprint Publishing
Division. Many of the original
books and sets were printed in
small runs decades ago and the
prices today are so expensive that
few people can afford them.

It is time for fresh editions with
updated Forewords, and more.

Check back often to see new and
forthcoming titles, and sign up
for our Newsletter to be among 
the first to receive notices. All
books will be limited in the print
run, signing/numbering options,
and much more. 

If you loved our reprint of
The Bachelder Papers, just wait
for all the great titles we have

Not in this order:

1. Antietam Official Records

2. The Gettysburg Papers, 2 vols.

The Bachelder Papers are DIFFERENT. The Bachelder Papers include letters and misc. correspondence to and from the soldiers to John Bachelder about where their units were and what they saw and did at GB. This allowed for the placement of monuments and for him to write his history of the battle.

The Gettysburg Papers are edited published papers from The Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (MOLLUS), or simply the Loyal Legion, a United States patriotic order organized April 15, 1865, by three veteran officers of the Army. They include a WIDE variety of Gettysburg subjects, all hand-selected by Bob Younger and Ken Bandy.

They were published (all sorts of things on all sorts of topics) in volumes are incredibly hard to find today at a reasonable price or in any shape you can use, and they have never been digitized. Basically, they have been unseen by 99% of everyone studying the war.

3. Stones River Official Records

4. The Carmen Papers (2 vols. Antietam)
5. Full-color Carmen Maps (8)

6.  Bigelow's Chancellorsville

7. Ed Bearss' Tupelo Campaign (edited by David A. Powell) 

 Atlanta Official Records

Much more coming . . .


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