Do you know where this is?

Do you know where this is?

As each new book approaches its release from the printer, I send an email to the author asking what shops will have a special interest in the book or in the author’s work. Of course, it’s a practical way to discover new retail venues and historic sites across the nation.  Doors open when I say, “Author X suggested your shop/museum/historic site for book X.” 

But even more exciting are the new places that call for a future visit!

For Confederate Soldiers in the American Civil War, Mark Hughes suggests so many sites East to West and South to North that I can't begin to mention them all here!

Sarah Kay Bierle introduced me to the Luray Caverns - Luray Valley Museum. (Yes, that's the Stalacpipe Organ!)

The author team of Scott Mingus and Cooper Wingert brought me to Hagley Museum and Library. 

For his second book with Savas Beatie, Terry Barkley led me to the Thoreau Society - Shop at Walden Pond.

Where will you travel with Savas Beatie books this spring?