Emerging Civil War Series


The award-winning series founded by Chris Mackowski and Kris White. Try one and see what all the excitement is about!

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1. Simply Murder (Fredericksburg)

2. A Season of Slaughter (Spotsylvania)

3. Last Days of Stonewall Jackson

4. Bushwhacking/Grand Scale (Chickamauga)

5. Bloody Autumn (The Valley)

6. Hurricane from the Heavens (Cold Harbor)

7. No Turning Back (Overland)

8. That Furious Struggle (Chancellorsville)

9. Calamity in Carolina (Bentonville)

10. Dawn of Victory (Petersburg)

11. To the Bitter End (Appomattox)

12. Fight Like the Devil (GB, Day 1)

13. Strike Them a Blow (North Anna)

14. The Aftermath of Battle

15. A Want of Vigilance (Bristoe Station)

16. Grant's Last Battle

17. Hell Itself (Wilderness)

18. Out Flew the Sabers (Brandy Station)

19. A Long & Bloody Task (Atlanta Campaign)

20. Don't Give an Inch (GB, Day 2)

21. The Last Road North (Guide/Gettysburg)

22. Traces of the Bloody Struggle (Kindle only)

23. Determined to Stand and Fight (Monocacy)

24. All the Fighting They Want (Atlanta Campaign)

25. Battle Above the Clouds (Lookout Mountain)

26. Richmond Shall Not Be Given Up (Seven Days)

27. That Field of Blood (Antietam)

28. Attack at Daylight and Whip Them (Shiloh)

29. To Hazard All (Maryland Campaign)

30. All Hell Can't Stop Them (Chattanooga)

31. The Great Battle Never Fought (Mine Run)

32. Let Us Die Like Men (Franklin)

33. Call Out the Cadets (New Market)

34.  The Most Desperate Act of Gallantry (Custer)

35.  Hellmira (Union prison camp)

36.  Embattled Capital (Richmond)

37. Unlike Anything That Ever Floated (Monitor/Virginia)

38. A Mortal Blow (New Orleans)

39. Grant's Left Hook (Bermuda Hundred)

40.  Passing Through Fire: Chamberlain

41. Lincoln Comes to Gettysburg

42. The Carnage was Fearful (Cedar Mountain)

43. Dreams of Victory: Beauregard

44 Six Miles from Charleston (Battle of Secessionville)

45 To Hell or Richmond (Peninsula Campaign/Seven Days)

46 Man of Fire (General Sherman)

47 John Brown's Raid/Harpers Ferry

49 Stay and Fight it Out (Gettysburg)

50 Force of a Cyclone (Stones River)

51 A Fine Opportunity Lost (Knoxville)

52 Never Such a Campaign (Second Manassas)
53.Race to the Potomac (After Gettysburg)


The Blood-Tinted Waters of the Shenandoah (Cool Spring)
A Grand Opening Squandered